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Homebuilders say shortages affecting native development


PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – COVID – and other problems – have created material shortages for the construction industry.

Managers from local construction companies – and their suppliers – tell us that problems range from shortages of materials, the manpower needed for transportation, to persistent problems from storms that occurred months ago.

There have been reports of wood shortages across the country recently, but local contractors say the real shortage was that of building materials in general.

“Lumber was scarce a few months ago; it seems better now, ”said Kevin Roberts, vice president of the Mid-Ohio Valley Homebuilders Association and site manager at Moran Construction in Parkersburg. “It is delivery times for items that we now have problems with; It takes 8-10 weeks to receive items. We hear that drywall products are about to become a problem. Steel is a problem; the pricing is also the problem. “

An example of a problem leading to persistent shortages: the February ice storms in Texas, which are closing resin factories and making products that are used to build homes. Despite the reopening of these plants, it was difficult to keep up with the demand for materials.

As with other bottlenecks, there is also a problem with transportation and finding the people to move goods from place to place.

And there is no shortage of construction projects in demand. Badger Lumber told us that overall business for its merchandise was generally stable, even during the height of the pandemic and closings last year.

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